S3 Modena CNR-NANO S3 Modena is an interdisciplinary research center devoted to nanoscience and nanotechnology, at the frontier of basic and industrial research, in fields ranging from mechanics to biomedicine, from ICT to energy. The center is very active at the local level, where it plays a leading role in synergy with the university and industries, and acts on all these fronts to catalyze projects and resources for research in Modena.

Rete Alta Tecnologia Regione Emilia-RomagnaIn 2015, CNR-NANO S3 undertook the Emilia-Romagna Region institutional accreditation process and became part of the Rete Alta Tecnologia della Regione Emilia-Romagna in 2019. Since 2002, with the Regional Program for Industrial Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer (PRRIITT), (PRRIITT), and then with the FESR 2007-2013 Regional Operative Programme, the Emilia-Romagna Region created this network of industrial research laboratories and innovation centers with permanent equipment and facilities.
Through institutional accreditation, the Emilia-Romagna Region intends to guide the relationships of companies and the part of research most in tune with industrial sensibilities. The expected uptake for companies is:

    • To commission research, use qualified laboratories, equipment and personnel
    • To be supported in specialized training interventions and knowledge transfer referring to critical technologies for technological innovation processes
    • To be assisted in the identification and exploitation of their technological potential and needs and in the design and management of research and development projects.


CNR NANO S3 offers users, customers, and external partners different services, as from the following categories:

Customized services

  • Research, innovation and technology transfer activities
  • Activities initiated by CNR NANO S3 not on request of external users. These research and technology transfer projects, may normally involve external stakeholders, and may have an impacts on the widest possible customers and recipients. Projects carried out within regional, national and European programs, in partnership with other research and innovation centers, are also in this group.
  • Contract activities: activities planned and conducted to meet specific needs and requests by external users.

Fee-based services.

  • A list of standard services, described and priced in advance.

Tailor-made training services.

  • Non-standardized training actions. Professional courses and training internships. Monographic talks in education and training courses organized by secondary schools, universities, or vocational training institutions.

The ethical principles of the staff of the CNR Research Institutes are set by the Presidential Decree No. 62 of April 16, 2013, "Regulations on the Code of Conduct for Public Employees." CNR NANO S3 staff have signed confidentiality agreements kept in the Center's archives. In addition, the Director of CNR NANO S3 has signed a commitment regarding the Deontological Policy and Privacy Protection.

IP and technology transfer 

The activities of exploitation and management of intellectual property rights on CNR research results are assigned to the CNR Technology Transfer Office. This is responsible for:

    • Supporting and coordinating the research technology transfer activities of the Institution and the Scientific Network
    • Promoting and coordinating of the exploitation of research results towards enterprises, regional autonomies and local authorities;
    • Supporting the internationalization activities of the European and International Relations Office
    • Promotion of the participation of CNR in collaborative initiatives with external partners for research exploitation activities
    • Promoting, managing, supporting and assisting in the areas of IP protection, results protection, negotiation and contracting, including preliminary assessment of patentability
    • Promoting, managing, supporting and assisting the creation of spin-off companies and management of the Institution's holdings in such companies, in coordination with the Corporate Participations office.

CNR drafted a Regulations for the generation, management and exploitation of intellectual property on research results, , issued by President's Order Prot. no. 69119 of 14/11/2013, which describes the Entity's policy on IPR and TT.


Project manager

Luisa Neri

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S3 Coordinator

Dr. Massimo Rontani Massimo Rontani

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Lab Management Officer

Dr. Guido Paolicelli

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Il Laboratorio ha realizzato progetti finanziati dai Fondi europei della Regione Emilia-Romagna e dal Fondo per lo sviluppo e la coesione.